April 17, 2007

Exide Technologies Launches Two New Batteries

Premium Power Products for Heavy-Duty, Commercial, Marine and Specialty Markets

ALPHARETTA, Ga., Apr 17, 2007 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Exide Technologies (NASDAQ:XIDE) (www.exide.com), a global leader in stored electrical-energy solutions, has launched two new products from its Transportation Division.

Designed with original equipment quality, the Exide RoadForce(R) AGM-200 and the Exide MegaCycle(TM) AGM-200 are lead-acid batteries for heavy-duty, commercial, marine and specialty commercial applications. Exide's newest products offer increased power and enhancements over conventional, flooded group size 31 products.

The RoadForce(R) AGM-200 provides advanced starting power for high energy requirements in vehicles including heavy duty trucks, buses and farm and construction equipment. The MegaCycle(TM) AGM-200 provides advanced deep cycle or starting power for high energy requirements in larger marine vessels, recreational vehicles and for other specialty applications including low-riders, mobility equipment and sump pumps.

Both batteries are completely sealed with individual cell safety pressure valves and both are maintenance-free under normal operating conditions. Available in two power levels -- 925 cold-cranking amps (CCA)/200 minutes reserve capacity (RC) and 700 CCA/200 RC, the Exide RoadForce(R) AGM-200 and MegaCycle(TM) AGM-200 feature a highly efficient, flat plate absorbed glass mat (AGM) configuration. This advanced AGM technology makes them non-spillable under normal operating conditions and capable of being installed in almost any orientation (inverted not recommended). In addition, the batteries offer twice the cycling life, twelve times more vibration resistance, a 40 percent greater charge acceptance than conventional flooded group size 31 offerings. (Claims based on lab testing for XRF-31/RoadForce(R) and XMC-31/MegaCycle(TM) vs. conventional flooded 31 product).

Both batteries incorporate a number of other features that contribute to the battery's performance:

-- Over the top handle: allows for easy installation and folds out of the way after installation.

-- Robust, thick wall poly case: reduces case distortion, reinforces component stability.

-- Increased post diameter/larger lead base: supplies superior current-carrying capacity and vibration protection.

-- Lead/calcium/tin/silver/alloy: offers longer life under extreme operating conditions.

-- Cast on strap construction with special oval weld: establishes a high-integrity plate-on-strap bond for reduced internal resistance and prolonged battery life.

-- Heavy, robust cast grids: provide enhanced resistance to corrosion and mechanical stability for superior vibration and cycling performance.

-- SAE automotive or threaded posts: stud only or dual post configurations allow for easy replacement and original equipment fitment.

-- Special pressure venting system: individual pressure vents designed to avoid cell-to-cell vapor transport, resulting in decreased cell imbalance and increased life.

The batteries are backed by a full, two-year, free replacement. They also can be charged by most standard battery chargers and alternators. Like other Exide Technologies products, these batteries are made with recycled lead and plastic, and can be recycled at the end of their service lives. Exide is one of the few battery manufacturers in the world with facilities to manufacture and recycle its own products.

"Today's heavy-duty, commercial, marine and specialty commercial markets demand high power, high performing batteries that can withstand extreme environments and endure in the most rugged of applications," said Jim Jelin, Vice President, Marketing and Retail Sales at Exide. "The Exide RoadForce(R) AGM-200 and the MegaCycle(TM) AGM-200 give Exide expanded presence in these growing markets with distinct, advanced power requirements."

The RoadForce(R) AGM-200 and the MegaCycle(TM) AGM-200, manufactured at Exide's Columbus, Georgia facility, are ready for shipment and will be available in April 2007. More information about the batteries is available through 1-800-START-IT or at www.exide.com.

About Exide Technologies

Exide Technologies, with operations in 89 countries, is one of the world's largest producers and recyclers of lead-acid batteries. The Company's four global business groups -- Transportation Americas, Transportation Europe and Rest of World, Industrial Energy Americas and Industrial Energy Europe and Rest of World -- provide a comprehensive range of stored electrical energy products and services for industrial and transportation applications.

Transportation markets include original-equipment and aftermarket automotive, heavy-duty truck, agricultural and marine applications, and new technologies for hybrid vehicles and 42-volt automotive applications. Industrial markets include network power applications such as telecommunications systems, electric utilities, railroads, photovoltaic (solar-power related) and uninterruptible power supply (UPS), and motive-power applications including lift trucks, mining and other commercial vehicles.

Further information about Exide, including its financial results, is available at www.exide.com

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